Coin Master Need Magical lamp

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Hi, I need a Magical Lamp from items, I have been stuck for a long time and if you could gift me one I would be very happy and I will gift you something you need if I have it: everything from pets except Mighty Bull. everything from Statues except for Troy. everything from Beasts except for Mighty lion, Reef guardian and Ocean king. White pearl. Dino, Moon crawler, ghost dog and fire bird. And some more but I am too tired to write all

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Can you give it to me

I am also needing magical lamp. Can anyone help me 

How are you ALL I'm here to help and trade cards gold but I have lots of other cards to give out add me and talk
I have a magical lamp. .in need of fire bird to complete my creatures set or the STEAMPUNK card for my Bling Bling collection
Many sets I need gold cards
I have it and will send it to you just add me no problem but if you have Farmer Feng in China I could sure use it

Add me instead it’s hard to find you. Tobias Ljungdell

I don’t have it Sorry but can you gift me it and I will make sure to send you if I Get it ok?

I have magic lamp 27. Times and also I really want Excaliber from ice queen plz my name is junior

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