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I have cleared all the levels but am still missing wooly hats to get my final trophy..what have I missed?
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I was thinking the same thing, I don't know what is happening.

me too, i don't know what happening or what to do .. 

Me too! Have been back in several times to try and find something that l had missed without any luck.

Hopefully someone will figure it out and post. 

Ahh...it has now just opened up 3 more challenge levels...

Which ones? I've cleared all, including challenges 1 to 5 and still missing wooly hats :(

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Me too, I've completed all of it and can't find anything new

same here i have cleared all locations and still missing alot of hats? but have just found out they will be adding more mines and challanges so that we would be able to collect all 318 hats this month.

there is a new event ( advent calendar ) you got new chalenge every day it contains many items incloded winter warmth ( the hats ) .

i found 3 hats in there 

The advent day 15 give a tip about the local airport that references a red tree and flags. I don't see either at the airport or other locations

At the beginning there is a hole in the fence. The red tree is there. Not inside the airport.

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