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I have gotten stuck at a set of stones but without any thing to tell me wat to do I'm lost please help

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I'm am in India

Keep going, as you clear the following areas you will come to equations on the ground...work out the equations (there are 4) then come back and put the right colored stones on the right numbers

How do you work out the equations?

It is something like 7 + 5 - 6 = red stone so you would put the red stone on the 6

I am in the same place n I moved the stone but I still can't get to other side. I need help also


Where r the equations located


You will move on to the next area, clear all the blocks in each area. You will find the elephant and move on. There are also a couiple locations where stones will be in the way, but you move them in the right directions, and you will be able to get around them.

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