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laugh Welcome to the Club! Feel Free to Introduce yourself here yes

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My name is Jaime...I have only been playing for about a month...This game is addicting. I love it. Thank you for the help I have recieved.

My name is Linda. I'm a daily player of diggy's. Still need friends... Please add me..

Hello im Linda I need new neighbors as well:)Im a daily player as well as a gifter Im needing Windmills too help me threw and If any1 can tell me how too make my energy countier go faster to building up I would be gratefull:):) Im a lvl 47:)

                                                          Thank you Linda:)

add me Daniel/ Jaime and Linda:)

Ty for having me Adventures Gamers:)

Hi bin Alex und suche neue Freunde bei Diggys.

I need help finding Necromancer in Three Magical Islands, anyone have advice?
Hi I'm breeza
I need help can not ho any further. How do I get through the gates Labyrinth of blades . Opened all the levers and still gates to open . How do o get pasted them


I'm Julie from Australia. I'm currently on level 40 and stuck in the Haven of Sobek. Can anyone tell me how to get to the other tiles, please? It's the top right-hand corner with two lots of water. I can't move the water disc to cover the icon and can't get to the other side of the water.


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