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Collect Slotomania Free Coins on Mobile

Tips & Tricks

Collect free coins on mobile without using the Slotomania App. The working alternative if your having trouble collecting coins on mobile.

  • Posted by mia21
  • 488,515
  • 808

Need one Slotocards

Cheats & Hacks

Hey guys, i need from the winter Album  "the SPINSTONES" the card "Willy Warthog" hope you guys can help me out! If you guys need cards i will

  • Posted by AlexanderHolden
  • 174
  • 6

I am Herbert Looking For Mike

Cheats & Hacks

I was somehow came across a 2nd herbert now I'm chasing down Mike, I hope i find him soon. Time is running out on this little Koala. I might end up just

  • Posted by WestleyPierce
  • 140
  • 4

somebody help me please.. please..

Cheats & Hacks, Guides, News, Tips & Tricks

really need big bullhorn and cinema paradiso now to complete album.. i have no coin lost 15b very sad.. i hope have so someone can help me.. thank you very much

  • Posted by MohdAkmal
  • 229
  • 7

Still Searching!!!

Tips & Tricks, Cheats & Hacks

Okay my friends....I am still in need of a Herbivore Herbert! Is there ANYONE who can spare that card for me, PLEASE???  I sure would appreciate it! I just

  • Posted by RebeccaBrewer
  • 143
  • 5

looking for Herbivore Herbert & Mr.Blooderton TRADE

Tips & Tricks

Hi guys i have lots of spare cards with 1/2/3/4/5 stars looking to trade some of them for Herbivore Herbert from Australian All Stars album and for

  • Posted by FilipFornalski
  • 153
  • 7

I need golden omen

Cheats & Hacks

Help me please guys. I can send 40 stars for the wheel in gratitude, to someone who will help me. 2 days for 20 stars. I am hope for your help. I'm sure

  • Posted by 104062991276006
  • 111
  • 4

I need Pugno Di Furia and Mr. & Mrs. Slick

Tips & Tricks

i need two slotocards. one of them is pugno di Furia from La Familia album and the other one is mr. & mrs. Slick from The Pros album. Can you help me?   

  • Posted by EkinAbdullah
  • 97
  • 8

Need Cecilia Brown, Golden Omen, Railway to Heaven, Cashira of Baghdad, and Elizabeth McCoin

Cheats & Hacks

I Need Cecilia Brown, Golden Omen, Railway to Heaven, Cashira of Baghdad, and Elizabeth McCoin. Can anyone help? I have lots of great cards to trade!!! Search

  • Posted by DannyelUsher
  • 87
  • 7

Slotomania Auto Collector needed

Cheats & Hacks

Anyone have an auto collector for Slotomania?  Have looked for one without success. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I can go from there. 

  • Posted by AaMichaelSells
  • 287
  • 5

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