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Looking for 2 cards right now


Sky High - The SkydancerAustrailian All Stars - Herbivore Herbert I'm a daily player, add me if you'd like. These two will complete their album. I do

  • Posted by L3g3ndaryN8
  • 173
  • 4

2 for tango for skydancer or herbivore or di furia???


2 for tango for skydancer or herbivore or di furia???2 for tango for skydancer or herbivore or di furia???2 for tango for skydancer or herbivore or di furia???2

  • Posted by PatrykPatryk
  • 80
  • 6

Need cryatal and big i have everything for this


Need buldhorn anf crystall ball bella i have pharaon magelan and very very more card for trade plz help Need buldhorn anf crystall ball bella i have pharaon

  • Posted by PatrykPatryk
  • 214
  • 13

Looking for a few cards


Under The Sea - The Primal Pearl, Yellow Fishmarine, The WreckThe Round Table - Shield of Luck, Armor Di Amore, Sir Slotsmith, The Slotoguard, The

  • Posted by L3g3ndaryN8
  • 217
  • 16

Mr Magic Trade!!!


I need a Mr Magic Card very badly.  I have LOTS to trade.  Someone please help me. I will gladly trade anything I have for a Mr Magic. I still need bella,

  • Posted by JaredMann
  • 154
  • 6

Looking for 3 cards!!


Trying to complete Daring Discoveries. Need the coins.. will trade if I have the cards you ask for. Thanks in advance!!Daring Discoveries - Pizarro's

  • Posted by L3g3ndaryN8
  • 120
  • 2

Trade 5 for Mac the Mic, Charles slotsteel or pharaohs portrait


I would like to trade 5 cards for MAC THE MIC, Charles slotsteel, or pharaohs portraitPLEASE LOL.  I have lots of extras even hard to get cards.  I am very

  • Posted by PatrickHanna
  • 332
  • 14

I need big bullhorn


Hey I really need big bullhorn, I have the eagle and just about every other card in dup's. Just tell me what u need n I'll give it to u for big

  • Posted by CjBeaulieu
  • 270
  • 11

Need big bullhorn have many trades pharoe irena and more


Hello I need big bullhorn, it's the last tradable card I need I have many trades, if you send me I can give you pharoe portrait, irena infernova, fairytale

  • Posted by JamesSlotomania
  • 135

need pharaohs portrait/Sandra spinstone/bull horn/crystal bella tons for trade


I need pharaohs portrait/ Sandra spinstone/ big bull horn/ and crystal ball bella. please help I have tons of cards I can trade in return. like Charles

  • Posted by JayParker
  • 183
  • 9