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Marie laveau and fortune frog


I need marie laveau from 2nd album and fortune frog.I can give few rare cards like golden gust  beyond appearance hardhitter tin mau memorius glass shoe rocko

  • Posted by CioataAdrian
  • 62
  • 1

need TIN MAU please help


hi could somebody please help me out i need tin mau i have hardhitter and keere shan and lots of others add me or message me on facebook please ive been needing

  • Posted by GeoffreyJenkins
  • 73
  • 4

I need Keere Shan


I need Keere Shan if anyone can help.... I have many cards that I can trade Name what you need and if I have it it is yours, Keere Shan and Glass shoe are all I

  • Posted by JoanneSeaton
  • 106
  • 15

Please Help... Legit Traders... Need 1 Card


Hi Anyone.... I need Dark Light Bonus. I have Online LoversBeyond AppearanceTin MauHard HitterKeere ShanGolden CustWilling to trade the above cards for Dark

  • Posted by DanielSum
  • 268
  • 37

I need Dark Light Bonus , i have Online Lovers and Hardhitter for you.


Hey there , Does some1 have Dark Light Bonus for me ? I can trade it for Online Lovers and Hardhitter.Please add me!Really wanna complete my album , you can

  • Posted by SamOpTRoodt
  • 131
  • 5

NEED: hardhitter and online lovers


Need: hardhitter and online lovers cards.... Have Foofi-dark light bonus-golden gust-tin mau and heaps of others in different stars.. if anyone needs any

  • Posted by ClaerwynMason
  • 89
  • 6

need beyond appearance


need beyond appearance to complete album anyone legit want to trade? I have extra hard hitter and foofi and also have a few other extra cards name what you need

  • Posted by SarahAnn
  • 76
  • 6

Hard Hitter Needed Bad


I Need hard Hitter to Complete this gorgeous 200m set. i dont know if I have many cards that could help someone, but I do have many of them. Would appreciate

  • Posted by user1515442452
  • 115
  • 8

Hard hitter needed


I need the hard hitter to complete everything in the complete album. Can anyone help. I have whatever to trade. Please help out anyone. Thank you very much.

  • Posted by ChristopherPesc
  • 83
  • 7

I need a card to complete the album


I need hardhitter to complete the album,but i have no duplicate card for now.if someone can give me the card I will send any card soon as I

  • Posted by CioataAdrian
  • 277
  • 9