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Random cards

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Anyone know minimum bet to receive 5 random cards during spin. I don't mean ace pack ? Lower bets receive 2 cards. Anyone have chart? Or know how much you

  • Posted by RobCarter
  • 16

Lets help each other out

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Anyone feel free to connect with me on fb for sloto card trades and extra bonuses and remember you scratch my back and I will scratch yours :) just be sure to

  • Posted by HollyElaineJohn
  • 58

Need a few card from summer, spring and auntum album

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Hi... Im looking fot J.P Coinigan, Bell, Dom and Golden Omen from Spring Album. And also looking for Lullaby Luke from Summer Album, Darla The Dreaded from

  • Posted by MohamadIsmail
  • 427
  • 6

Need stars for wheel so I can play

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Please anyone in a position to help I need stars to spin the wheel so I can play I have zero stars at the moment I need minimum 15 I promise to pay it forward

  • Posted by JoshuaMcKinney
  • 436
  • 4

I am a Lvl 905 player. Need 3 cards from Spring please

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Hello everyone, I am looking for three cards from the Winter Album and one from Autumm. 1. Brad Spinssan2. Golden Lotus3. Diana FlemmingsAnd 1. Ghoulish

  • Posted by ChrisMaskilone
  • 455
  • 5


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I will give 25 stars for  Tower of Texas-  its in texas tycoons in the spring album or The Mean Machine- its in the Sweet Devils in the winter album   Add

  • Posted by RachelGido
  • 317
  • 3

Looking for friends to send/receive cards!!!!!

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I'm looking for people to send cards to that will send cards to me.   I have doubles of every Autumn card and multiples of the other ones you just have to

  • Posted by RachelGido
  • 557
  • 23

I need some cards everybody help me?

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Spring: 2 for Tango(sky high) ,Gatekeeper Al(Australian all stars ),Hermit’s Hat (wishful witches) ,The Sahara Scriptures(Arabian nights),Vase of

  • Posted by user1512585629
  • 315
  • 15

Get your shit together and help someone else

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Wake the fuck up! Do you want cards? I have some and I'm giving them away. Be cool the game is over soon. Who gives a fuck what cards you have then? Not I.

  • Posted by Wyatt
  • 410
  • 23

Winter album, red hot vixens

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Hello, from winter album, red hot vixens collections need 3 cards : Diana flamings (1 star) , Lady Leprechaun (2 star) , and crystal ball bella (5 stars) , have

  • Posted by ArturKristapso
  • 254
  • 4