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Exchange cards with me please

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              My name Wanda jean on Facebook.,add me then request any card let’s help each other out!!! I need 5 more cards to complete album!!!

  • Posted by WandaJean
  • 211
  • 11

Lets exchange cards

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I am willing to help anyone who will help me also. I have many duplicate cards. And i only need a few to close out the album. Send me a request and we will chat

  • Posted by BeverlyWood6969
  • 450
  • 51

Need help with some cards

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Not sure if this is where I should post but I’m looking for a few cards to close out some groups and can’t seem to get them. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Posted by TadMatzdorf
  • 185
  • 8

Slotocard-Ginzu. From set(DOJO CLAN) needed to complete set in New album plzzz help

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Need 1 slotocard to complete the first set in the new albumSet(DOJO CLAN) Slotocard needed(Ginzu)I will trade whatever I may have that you need. If not I will

  • Posted by MichaelaMiller
  • 484
  • 19

Please need Honey Crystal

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Can anyone spare an extra Honey Crystal Card. I have a few higher cards to trade. Can offer blood rock, yeti's treasure and a few other from the album

  • Posted by KathyMalatchy
  • 413
  • 13

Sand Surfer 5 Star card. Need to complete album :)

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Hi every fun of slotomania,if some one had Sand Surfer 5 star card, please send me. I got no cards for trade. :( It is from ablum rockin reptiles... :) Just

  • Posted by MarekSluka
  • 298
  • 3

S.O.S need duplicates of cards from archived past closed seasonal albums

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I'm out of coins and all avenues to collect coins to continue playing so that I can complete the current album I only need 21 cards and I will have finished

  • Posted by MichaelaMiller
  • 397
  • 9

Need last card to complete whole album

Cheats & Hacks

I need the Tri-scream card from the Daydream Delight album. I have every other card in multiple to trade for it. Wanr to get it asap to unlock the bingo

  • Posted by AmandaKight
  • 503
  • 10

Trade cards? Will trade back

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In need of Venom Cluster in Nature’s bounty, UnSelfish in Finders keepers, Lost Pyramid in Lost legacies, Gotta Bomb in Miners Mojo, Sunny Side up and Power

  • Posted by CodyRedmond
  • 455
  • 15

Need Char Tail

Cheats & Hacks

Hey all, I Need a Char Tail from the Fearless Felines album, and I have a lot of good cards to trade for it! If you have one you want to trade, comment below

  • Posted by JacksonSchiefer
  • 229
  • 5