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Fortune frog anyone?

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Need Fortune frog..will trade for anything...i have almost every card besides fortune frog i only need 3 card two aces and a gold.  Will trade multipil cards

  • Posted by PatrickHanna
  • 63
  • 1

Marie laveau and fortune frog

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I need marie laveau from 2nd album and fortune frog.I can give few rare cards like golden gust  beyond appearance hardhitter tin mau memorius glass shoe rocko

  • Posted by CioataAdrian
  • 62
  • 1

Need help in 2nd album! Please hit me up if you jave!

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Looking for mace from 2nd album! Looking for mace from 2nd album! Looking for mace from 2nd album! Looking for mace from 2nd album! Looking for mace from

  • Posted by EricLeau
  • 43

need TIN MAU please help

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hi could somebody please help me out i need tin mau i have hardhitter and keere shan and lots of others add me or message me on facebook please ive been needing

  • Posted by GeoffreyJenkins
  • 73
  • 4

Need dark light bonus

Cheats & Hacks

I am hoping someone can really help me out here. I need dark light bonus badly. Am trade online lovers, hard hitter and any other cards I can trade

  • Posted by KenjiMachida
  • 54
  • 1

I need Keere Shan

Cheats & Hacks

I need Keere Shan if anyone can help.... I have many cards that I can trade Name what you need and if I have it it is yours, Keere Shan and Glass shoe are all I

  • Posted by JoanneSeaton
  • 106
  • 15

Previous album

Cheats & Hacks

Previous album...does anyone have any cards from the previous album?  I need some help and have numerous stars in the current album I will trade Please help

  • Posted by CrystalKnightMc
  • 87
  • 2

Please Help... Legit Traders... Need 1 Card

Cheats & Hacks

Hi Anyone.... I need Dark Light Bonus. I have Online LoversBeyond AppearanceTin MauHard HitterKeere ShanGolden CustWilling to trade the above cards for Dark

  • Posted by DanielSum
  • 268
  • 37

Fortune frog

Cheats & Hacks

I am needing fortune frog in oriental magic I have hardhitter and some others to trade i cant seem to gwt this card for anything and im out of coins to try to

  • Posted by CrystalKnightMc
  • 146
  • 12

Willing to trade

Cheats & Hacks

I will trade 3rd album cards for these.  Not sure if anyone has held on to these but it's all I need to complete the 2nd album.  I need Chic Lucy, mace,

  • Posted by FrankHouse
  • 147
  • 14