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Winter cards dragon dog

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 Please dragon dog  Can anyone please help and trade me dragon dog i have many doubles and can trade  I will help if i can Please pleaae someone be able

  • Posted by AidannColesy
  • 135
  • 3

Looking for big bull horn have most cards to trade

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Hi i am in search of the big bull horn from albumn4 Have most cards to trade from album 3 and 4 I also have a few from album 1 and 2 willing to give my top 5

  • Posted by AlexCornish
  • 101

Really in need of fairytale fort and a few others

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Hey everyone. Even if u don't have what I need or I I don't have what u need add me ansyway so we can exchange gifts daily. Ok I really need fairytale

  • Posted by CjBeaulieu
  • 77
  • 6

for exchange

Cheats & Hacks

hello as much as I am looking for cards. on the other hand I have many doubles and even rare. here is my list and in exchange tell me what you want.FUSHIAN

  • Posted by JujuBstBrindaVl
  • 107
  • 12

Need big bullhorn have many trades pharoe irena and more

Cheats & Hacks

Hello I need big bullhorn, it's the last tradable card I need I have many trades, if you send me I can give you pharoe portrait, irena infernova, fairytale

  • Posted by JamesSlotomania
  • 59

I need pharaohs portrait , cindy moo ,spin on and the gilded reel

Cheats & Hacks

I need pharaohs portrait , cindy moo ,spin on and the gilded reel for trade thanks please help I have tons of cards I can trade in return. please help I have

  • Posted by DanielCastao
  • 62
  • 4

Need album 1 cards! Lots to trade have complete 3rd album & lots of winter album!

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Need album 1 cards! Any help would be greatly appreciated! I need delivery dan, tiago, lions paw cassie, hippy harry, fedora & voodoo hat! Lots to trade

  • Posted by EdIverson
  • 169
  • 10

Anybody have Cards pharaohs portrait, gilded reel, n big bullhorn lots to trade

Cheats & Hacks

Gilded reel, bigbullhorn, and pharaohs portrait anybody?? Will to and have lots more to trade please PLEASE please please PLEASE please please PLEASE please

  • Posted by TharenGrussing
  • 162
  • 10

Need some cards for the winter album. Willing to trade what you need or highest stars I have.

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I need First Mans Fort & Fairytale Fort from Crazy Castles, Pizarro's pointer from Daring Discoveries, Woofy from The Cuties, the Big Dipper from Cirque

  • Posted by CjBeaulieu
  • 137
  • 11


Cheats & Hacks

Hello.. I need 3 cards to complete the winter album.. I have many extras (2,000) stars that I will trade to you if you help me out.. I am looking for phorahs

  • Posted by TylerLuzinski
  • 84
  • 1