Slotomania Slot Machines How to Get More Slotomania Free Coins & Bonus

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So, your bankrupt in slotomania and need more coins to spin? Here's some tips on how to get more free coins & bonus:

Slotomania Tips on Getting Gifts & Rewards

Slotomania Free Coins Bonus Page

The GameHunters.Club has a Slotomania Free Coins Bonus page where you can collect free gifts every day. The bonus page is a network of Slotomania Players who share bonus links using the ShareLinks Plugin, the plugin helps you submit bonus links by simply browsing your Facebook Timeline or NewsFeed.

According to Mia21, she can post around 40 to 60 bonus links every day so expect hundreds of thousands of coins daily. Her bonus links has an average of 2,000 Free Coins, let's say you have the "Silver Bonus Status Multiplier" you can get around 400,000 free coins daily! How much more if you have the Gold or Platinum status?

Every time you play check the Slotomania Free Coins Bonus page for free gifts. Make sure to login to remove advertisements and avoid claiming duplicate bonus. In case the link fails to open because of poor internet connection just go to your click history. To get more bonus links from the past days simply scroll down. Enjoy all the features when your logged in.

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Increase your Bonus Multiplier

Slotomania has a bonus multiplier a new player will start at bronze status (x1) , next silver status(x5), then Gold (x15). For example when you claim 2,000 free coins and your status is silver you will get 10,000 Coins.

To increase your status you have to level up or buy coins from them (Yeah, if you have real money to pay for this). But thankfully the game maker Playtika and its TR Social Rewards program is applied to all their games. All you need to do is play their games and level them up.

You can reach at least silver status if you play their games, so start playing: Bingo Blitz, Caesars Casino, House of Fun, Bingo Rush 2 and World Series of Poker. GameHunters.Club can help you collect free bonus for those games so check them all.

This is the table for in-game benefits of Total Rewards Social Program:

Coin Packagesx1x1.5x2.5
Status Pointsx1x2x3
Mega Bonus+10%+15%+20%
Collect All GiftsUnlock with PurchaseUnlock with PurchaseUnlock with Purchase
Free Coin Gift505001,500
Free Spins Bet136
Lucy's Daily Gift25015,00050,000
Share Post Giftsx1x2x3
Fan Page Giftsx1x5x15
VIP SupportNoNoNo

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Guide for Collecting Free Coin Bonus

One of the best thing about Slotomania is free gifts daily. ​If you receive a message saying A gift from this friend was "already collected" today, please take a moment to read about how the gifting system currently works:

  • You can send one gift per day to each friend (24 hour period)
  • You can collect one gift per day from each friend (24 hour period)
  • There are no limits to how many wall post shares you can collect (for manual collection)

If a player sends you one gift in one day and you don't collect, when that same player sends it again the next day, you will only be able to collect one gift.

It's important to check your gift box on a daily basis, in order not to miss them. This is why you might see one gift from that friend, but not be able to collect it.

yesIf someone experience this I hope this tip will help you clears up the issue.

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Slotomania Free Coin Gifting Guide

The difference between shares and gifting free coins:

When you play and are quite lucky, the game allows you to share the luck with your Facebook friends. A pop-up will appear, asking you whether it is okay to publish a message that shares the luck. Some gifts are published on your wall, while others are sent directly to the friends of your choice. The gifts on your wall can be collected by friends that go to that wall and click on the message.

Alternately, you can press 'SEND GIFTS' in the lobby. Tip: You may only send one gift per friend per day.

In the same manner, your friends can send gifts to you or you can collect gifts they've left if you look at their Facebook wall. If any friends have sent you specifically gifts, you can collect them in the casino lobby, by clicking on 'COLLECT GIFTS'.

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enlightened Slotomania Free Bonus Gift Tips:

  • All gifts have an expiration of 3 days. Gifts can include Free Coins and Spins. The values of the gifts increase according to the players' level, up to a certain level. The more friends you have, the more free gifts you can send or receive.
  • So when you go to Slotomania Free Coins Bonus page always remember that you can still try to collect bonus links posted 3 days ago. You might be able to retrieve more coins than usual, this is very useful if you haven't play slotomania for days!

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