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Need some help


Looking for golden lotus and golden Phoenix in winter set can someone help me out? If I have what you need I'll send it in return also looking for new

  • Posted by DamionBarnhart
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I will give 25 stars for  Tower of Texas-  its in texas tycoons in the spring album or The Mean Machine- its in the Sweet Devils in the winter album   Add

  • Posted by RachelGido
  • 305
  • 3

Looking for friends to send/receive cards!!!!!


I'm looking for people to send cards to that will send cards to me.   I have doubles of every Autumn card and multiples of the other ones you just have to

  • Posted by RachelGido
  • 548
  • 22

Missing 1 card need help


Need sugar swirl out of autumn album fresh & sweet if someone has it let me know. Please and thank you,.... .'s telling me I

  • Posted by JoshuaHassel
  • 166
  • 4

Get in line I'm sending free cards to cool people.


Be cool to me and you'll get the same respect. Believe it or not I don't give a shit. Time is running out. Get your f-ing shit together and help each

  • Posted by Wyatt
  • 237
  • 19

Sellin sloto autnum cards. Firecracker goulish ect.


Hi there. I completed all albums and need $ to buy sloto packs .i have for sale almost all autnumn cardsfirecrackerghoulishbalthazar boobattlemarthagrutterand a

  • Posted by StevenVerlinde
  • 224
  • 2

Off Season - Missing Summer Album Cards


I'm missing a few summer cards. Am willing to trade for some please let me know. Have more Autumn album cards available if anyone is intersted. See attached

  • Posted by user1544191560
  • 405
  • 7

Extra cards I'll trade


I have Heart Candy, Planet Sweetness, Firecracker, Gamer Ray, Money Monster, Goldy Lucknitter, Ed Sweettouth, Garden of Grim, Nordic Star, Boston Cherry and

  • Posted by Wyatt
  • 159
  • 6

Help Needed


Hi Peeps,Wondering if anyone can help me out, I need a couple of cards from Fresh&Sweet Page (Heart Candy & Planet Sweetness) also need the elusive

  • Posted by SophiaChristou
  • 193
  • 4

Private Eye Lucy And I


Can anyone help me find the bat in the Private Eye Lucy and I game? I have the other 49 but need help with the bat please!!!! I ca give you the locations of all

  • Posted by JeanineTangbo
  • 7,149
  • 39