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Need golden gust will trade sea lovers


I have sea lovers if anyone have golden gust Please, it's the only one in the set that I need. It would help a lot. Just send me a message thanks. If I have

  • Posted by ChristinaDassen
  • 19

Need foofi please


Need foofi please and love bonus if available, I have several cards to trade. I’m lacking some of the five star ace and golden cards as well. I have nothing

  • Posted by AngelaIsbellCor
  • 16

Slotocards album 3...


Hi all....I've got cards from every set to trade besides these which I need....Winged masters: Golden gustBonus time: Dark light bonusThe good life:

  • Posted by NeshlinManisha
  • 83
  • 3

I need golden gust!! Please help, have extra of almost everything else including Mr prrrrivelidge, the Pearl and many others


I have multiple duplicates of tons of great cards I will trade for a golden gust card. The only other card I need is foofi. I will make it work for you if you

  • Posted by DanGordon
  • 208
  • 2

Album 3 needed willing to trade


In need of Fortune Frog, willing to trade whatever. I have Golden Gust, Foofi, Dark Light Bonus, and many others that could possibly be needed. Hit me up in

  • Posted by JasonFranktheTa
  • 85
  • 7

Razbazkin, Wendy wool, Sheriff Piggy & other 4 star cards


Will any kind soul please assist with the Golden Gust card from Winged masters set in 3rd album please. Have Razbazkin, Wendy wool, Sheriff Piggy & as well

  • Posted by MelanieBasson
  • 697
  • 15

Golden Gust Swap


I have rare cards to trade if someone has a spare Golden Gust, just tell me what you need and we'll trade. Been trying for weeks to get this card and no one

  • Posted by AmbrosiaYeoman
  • 480
  • 15



hello  all , i'm sorry but i'm not so much expert with pc .... i take all free coins since 4 month maybe , but today i have a bug on this page or did i

  • Posted by DaniDanidanScar
  • 654
  • 3

Card Trade 3rd Album


I have these for trade in the  3rd album(in set order):The Answer, The Guardian, Power of light, Bouquet of EnchantmentPicnic Basket, Gingerbread ManBottle

  • Posted by NichlasTjugolap
  • 331
  • 10



Hi everyone, I've a lot for trading, I need Bottle Popping, Go Team, Chicken Charlie, Bars of gold, Mr. Meowgi, Litheon, Golden Gust, Garden Bonus, Dark

  • Posted by FabioFedelix
  • 356
  • 12