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Looking for Fortune Frog please. I can trade cards all i need to know is what you want so let me know what you need and i'll see if i can help. Contact me

  • Posted by AlanGnidziski
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Looking for Fortune Frog, Nectar of the Gods, Josephine & Joe, Golden Gust please. I can trade cards all i need to know is what you want so let me know what

  • Posted by JimmyHobbs
  • 137
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Album 2 please


Album two still looking for spurs double bladed Heidi hawk n a victor Vulcan pleaseeee!!!!!! have all of third album just looking for this four cards from

  • Posted by TharenGrussing
  • 158
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I need 7 cards from album 2 ...Can anybody help me ?


 Album 2.. I need, Daisy Glitter, Fen Pinkwond, North Bluefly, Meadow Dew, Wind Shimmer, Chestnut Shine, and Lily Bloom...  I HAVE PLENTY OF EXTRA CARDS FROM

  • Posted by CarTan
  • 148
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HELP ME!!!! Need almost all cards from 1st and second album HELP ME!!!!


Still need almost all cards from 1st and second album who can help me out i will have almost all 3rd album cards back if u want or you just go for all the stars

  • Posted by JeffreyDoldersu
  • 124
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can someone please help me with keere shan


can someone please help me i need keere shan been trying for long time thats all i need to complete my set i have heaps of cards to swap so if u can help me

  • Posted by user1513086673
  • 143
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Trade cards HURRY !!!!!!!


I need Orbitron.  Scarecrow Sam. Brainshroom.  King's ashes  .   I'm not picky, any would be great. I have plenty of cards to trade. Just send me a

  • Posted by MatCole
  • 195
  • 16

Need Designer handbag to complete Album


Can anyone send me Designer handbag and online lovers. I need to complete albums. I have a few I can give for the trade. Please and thank

  • Posted by LakeshaJoseph
  • 87
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Need - Nectar Of Gods


  • Posted by 102159394717105
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Interested in helping anyone finish there 3rd album


I have a lot of extra cards from 3rd album. No need to trade but if you do have dusty or daisy glitter from 2nd album that would be great. First come first

  • Posted by LeeannBerryKaco
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