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I need 4 Gold Xards, Flamingo, Spell Gaze, Hoots There and Blood Rick.  I only Have 8, 483,290 Coins. Lucy Won't Give Me Any Card's With My Low Bets.

  • Posted by MarySuggitt
  • 320
  • 1

Help Wanted Lol


I need 3 more cards to finish the enchanted forest album. Char Tail, Vitamin C Ya, and Hoots There. I need more active friends to trade sloto cards with if

  • Posted by JeffBoehne
  • 217
  • 2

Cards for exchange


Hi! I need "yeti's treasure" and "frozen lightning" from "super stones collection""Tri scream" from "daydream

  • Posted by AmaliaIoana
  • 229
  • 3

If You need extra cards


AS I PAY IT FORWARD....If you are in need of extra cards to finish your album I have over 7000 I might be able to help you out all I ask in return is that you

  • Posted by LindaValenzuela
  • 679
  • 29

Need cliff hanger card


Need cliff hanger card in secret serenity set of the current album. Have cards to trade in current album and every card in the winter album that you ciuld need

  • Posted by DurisChristophe
  • 279
  • 8

Need HELP!!


I am needing YOUR help  I need this card (SAND SURFER), I have lots of cards to trade or even give .. I also dont have many friends who play this game, I

  • Posted by LindaValenzuela
  • 190
  • 7

Looking for Leo’s Shrine, have lots to trade


Does any one have the Leo’s Shrine card to share??? Willing to trade cards, I have a lot of duplicates from the enchanted forest pack. Leo’s shrine is the

  • Posted by Archimedes
  • 237
  • 4

Seling Slotomania acc lvl.22.500k. 120 t coins


Selling my acc level 23.000k 130trilion coins,statut platinum,Aktuel album 2019 210/210,20.000k stars album 2019(200 cards or more 5 stars ),archive album 2500+

  • Posted by BrkoSkitnica
  • 677
  • 10

Need some help


Looking for golden lotus and golden Phoenix in winter set can someone help me out? If I have what you need I'll send it in return also looking for new

  • Posted by DamionBarnhart
  • 287



I will give 25 stars for  Tower of Texas-  its in texas tycoons in the spring album or The Mean Machine- its in the Sweet Devils in the winter album   Add

  • Posted by RachelGido
  • 358
  • 3