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Slot mania coins help


Why when I click a slot mania bonus coin thingy, it sends me to a blank Facebook page instead of my app and sending coins? On other games sends to my app. But I

  • Posted by B2369Fox
  • 1,712
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Help searching a Game in Slotomania.


People i need help to find a Game in Slotomania. I played it at Night when i couldnt sleep cause of a heatwave over here in the Special Island Section. Its the

  • Posted by Ninja68
  • 2,805
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Need Gequ Wang card from ShangHai album


The title says it all... I really need the "Geqc Wang" card from Shanghai album. I will send whatever you need if I have it and some extras to turn in

  • Posted by Ddizzle
  • 5,598
  • 3

Can use some help to get last cards


Can anyone help me to get following cards. If I have some you need I'll trade them with pleasure.* X-plosives* Badaboom Box* Goodie Bag* Pamela Pitch*

  • Posted by jeedee
  • 3,157
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I need slotocard please help


Hey guys, need urgently help to finish the album , last 5 cards, here is the list1.  Mini sphere 2. Buckley's Booth 3. Goodie bag4. Dasher Deluxe5.

  • Posted by Ev0ol
  • 2,094
  • 2

Clan members needed- fun clan


Hi there,Looking for clan members for a fun group- my mum, elderly aunt and myself. We all play daily and trade cards amongst ourselves. We get enough to get

  • Posted by lauren2921
  • 2,999

All New Items


let help one other.Write the items that you know where to search.I search them milion times but there are some of them that i cant find in this color mixed

  • Posted by brutala
  • 2,568
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need felix, will pay 50 stars or trade any cards I have that u need, have bubba, no rilla


hi, I need felix, will pay 50 stars or trade any cards I have that u need, have bubba, no rilla... let me know if  you have my card, or if there are cards

  • Posted by AlbertDonkell
  • 2,651
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Need help with some cards


Not sure if this is where I should post but I’m looking for a few cards to close out some groups and can’t seem to get them. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Posted by TadMatzdorf
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Anyone have winter albulms spares


I need 2 cards on 3 winter albums. The Cuties.. Lunchy and ChiwowaDarling Discovers....Cabot compass and De gamas globeThe Round Table......Table di amore and

  • Posted by KyleBerg
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