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Can anyone help me find the bat in the Private Eye Lucy and I game? I have the other 49 but need help with the bat please!!!! I ca give you the locations of all of the other items if anyone needs any of those and I also have many many extra cards of all star levels to sell or trade off. 

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Anyone know where the chilli peppers are?

Can anyone tell wear the pearl necklace is 

The necktie is on the blue door with the keyhole. It is on the right hand side, vertical, where the shade of blue is slightly darker.  

Red balloon...
Balloon is on the right side of the door where the tie hidden...

The tie is on the blue door right side 

Anyone know wear the ballon is 

Anyone know the lastest private eyes the tie is hidden....thank you
Anybody found the necktie. Even with a screenshot I can't find it.

The cutters are to the right of the swords 

The skull is to the left of the voodoo doll

And the radio is pretty much in the center of the screen

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