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Collect Slotomania Free Coins on Mobile

Tips & Tricks

Collect free coins on mobile without using the Slotomania App. The working alternative if your having trouble collecting coins on mobile.

  • Posted by mia21
  • 505,431
  • 848

Please Help, need Herbivore Herbert and/or Mr & Mrs Slick badly

Tips & Tricks

Hi, I am on my last board of Summer Blast I have 9 more things to turn over to ensure i get my Wild Card. Please help if you can i am a daily player and will

  • Posted by DonnieBlankensh
  • 109
  • 4

2500 extra spring cards to trade for winter cards

Tips & Tricks

My spring album is complete and I have 2,500 extra spring cards to trade for the winter cards that I need. I will make a list of the cards that I need for my

  • Posted by AaronElam
  • 570
  • 30

In desperate need of donation or trade please

Tips & Tricks

Im in need of several cards and in desperate need out if coins and need to get some ASAP if anybody at all could please help me it woukd be greatly

  • Posted by ZachGrizzard
  • 143
  • 7

Donation please?

Tips & Tricks

************************************************** I am desperate and asking if anyone has a Golden Omen card for donation, I don't have anything for trade?

  • Posted by RebeccaBrewer
  • 78
  • 3

I have some nice cards for trade!

Tips & Tricks

I need Golden Omen, Mike Moneymaker, Vase of Valor, Shiny Lion and Illusionist. Have some nice cards for trade both from winter and spring album.Winter album

  • Posted by FerenzFeher
  • 98
  • 6

Anyone feeling generous

Tips & Tricks

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Please, does anyone have an extra Golden Omen you could donate?  I have no doubles to trade, I apologise. Please,

  • Posted by RebeccaBrewer
  • 94
  • 2

Extra cards

Tips & Tricks

I have a lot of extras...need Samuel Spinstone, Big Bullhorn and Sign for Peace. Please help asap. We can trade whenever you like. I am ready now. Please get in

  • Posted by user1495330084
  • 145
  • 11

Help, i need card's

Tips & Tricks

Hello. Someone have a double for Crystal-ball bella or the patriot? To winter álbum . And hervibore herbert, bella bonusuente and jiovanni dispino to spring

  • Posted by PaloGutierrezPr
  • 76
  • 7

Help please I need Herbivore Herbert to finish wild summer and get my two wild cards

Tips & Tricks

 addm  e im a daily player and have beenor iver a year. if you have this card please show some love! I am a honest player and will help back anyway i can. i

  • Posted by DonnieBlankensh
  • 78
  • 17