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  • Posted by mia21
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Need cards and coins please

Tips & Tricks

Need cards autumn collections ..Harvest Harry÷ Enchanted engines. Maharaja. Super spinner need slicer have a few aces can trade also desperately need chips

  • Posted by EdwardWilson
  • 321
  • 9

Autunm cards

Tips & Tricks

I need the autumn album the cards. Firecracker Balthazar boo. Battle of Niphoria Ed sweeooth iii.wolfgang wealth. Cherry charme and planet sweetnesI have cards

  • Posted by SantiagoRamosMi
  • 237
  • 5

Need autumn album help

Tips & Tricks

I really need help with ghoulish grip,  balthazar boo,  from glorious Ghouls autumn album I have a few cards from winter spring summer and autumn albums to

  • Posted by JoshuaMcKinney
  • 169
  • 1

Spring Album cards needed

Tips & Tricks

Looking for cards from The Pros album, Wild West's Best, Mr & Mrs Slick, Firepower Couple. Any help would be appreciated, I have spare cards for Autumn,

  • Posted by MalcolmChiverto
  • 167
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Sloto Cards to Trade

Tips & Tricks

Who is looking for what? Rather than me write to everyone looking for cards, it would be easier if you friend me on fb, if I can help I will and would also like

  • Posted by MalcolmChiverto
  • 224
  • 11

Need Battle of Nyphoria or Grun Redhairsson and Grutters Gear to complete two autumn sets......i have lots i can trade in return

Tips & Tricks

I have lots of different sloto cards from the Autumn albums to trade in return.....also could use from the Enchanted Engines set- Yellow Magic, Red Rusher,

  • Posted by RustySmith
  • 334
  • 11

looking for trades

Tips & Tricks

I need. a few cards... Lokey and Grun,  Thumper,  and Mr.  Wishes are at the top of my list. if you have them and want to see what I have that you'd like

  • Posted by MagsSay
  • 208
  • 6

have THE SLICER, ZOM-BUNNY, and others for trade

Tips & Tricks


  • Posted by JoshuaMcKinney
  • 263
  • 13

Willing to trade more than one card for each that I need !!!!

Tips & Tricks

YELLOW MAGIC /  RED RUSHER / CHEIF GREY COIN / LOKEY LUCKHORN / MR WISHES / COSMIC CLOVER Those are they cards i really need. have plenty to trade from all

  • Posted by user1521430218
  • 188
  • 3