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Collect Slotomania Free Coins on Mobile

Tips & Tricks

Collect free coins on mobile without using the Slotomania App. The working alternative if your having trouble collecting coins on mobile.

  • Posted by mia21
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Sand Surfer 5 Star card. Need to complete album :)

Tips & Tricks

Hi every fun of slotomania,if some one had Sand Surfer 5 star card, please send me. I got no cards for trade. :( It is from ablum rockin reptiles... :) Just

  • Posted by MarekSluka
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S.O.S need duplicates of cards from archived past closed seasonal albums

Tips & Tricks

I'm out of coins and all avenues to collect coins to continue playing so that I can complete the current album I only need 21 cards and I will have finished

  • Posted by MichaelaMiller
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Need Cards to trade

Tips & Tricks

Add me on facebook and we can discuss on which card you need and what i got. I have alot of extra/double/triple cards. we can work something out. Thank you.Add

  • Posted by RonnieChia
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Help Wanted Lol

Tips & Tricks

I need 3 more cards to finish the enchanted forest album. Char Tail, Vitamin C Ya, and Hoots There. I need more active friends to trade sloto cards with if

  • Posted by JeffBoehne
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Need Friends on Slotomania

Tips & Tricks

I have been playing Slotomania for about a year, but I have no clue how to add friends on the game. Can someone please help me out? My user name is Ashley

  • Posted by AshleyDeSabio
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can someone provide please with three cards

Tips & Tricks

Hello, need three cards - From secrent serenity album hidden oasis (5 star card) ,loost island (1 star card) and from rocking reptiles album sand surfer (5 star

  • Posted by ArturKristapso
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Need cliff hanger card

Tips & Tricks

Need cliff hanger card in secret serenity set of the current album. Have cards to trade in current album and every card in the winter album that you ciuld need

  • Posted by DurisChristophe
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When you summon the MIGHTY GORILLA...

Tips & Tricks

The BEST game to play during those 5 minutes, that'll GIVE you the MOST WILDS than any other game, is hands down... THE RAIN FOREST KING!!!*Try to start off

  • Posted by MelanieSmith
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collecting bonuses

Tips & Tricks

this is a wonderful site but it keeps switching back and forth with giving bonuses They have a newer version for collecting which is easy but then it goes back

  • Posted by MarcellaShorter
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