Slotomania Slot Machines How do you use auto collect?

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I have tried to use auto collect many times and I don't get it, it just repeatedly opens windows but how do you collect the coins?? uggghhh I seriously don't understand what I'm supposed to do, it's very frustrating because it's a pain to spend so much time repeatedly collecting the bonuses one at a time. it takes forever

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sometimes ( somtimes for a long time) like moths, it acts funny, slotto soetimes puts too many pop us that do not close on thier own BEFORE the collection page  comes up. you dont actually have to click the collect button the page that opens BUT if there are too many pop ups ( I amsure playtika slotto knows this and does it on purpose) it wont collect it automatically. 

  at the top ofthe page after you think you have collected all the coins you can you can see a button that says reload. when you push that it takes away all the clicks you already have and leaves the ones that got skipped.  I have seen that all got skipped before recently. 

 you can click them all manually if you want and click the pop up ups off and collect. you can, if your computer ( I do this on a PC, I have no clue how it works on a phone) if your computer will allow it without crashing for having too many pages open,  open a ton of them, I can do 20 at a time and then I just wait till they load for a minute or so and then start opening each page and clicking them off when I collect  as fast as It will let me do it, I can clear a page in about 7 minutes that way.  its tedius and sucks but sometimes when I just have a little ways to go to get teh dash or the next level and it robs me of all my coins I come in here and grab 20 million and try to get back up.    it does suck they cant figure a way to just allow you to highlightthem all and collect them at one time LOL  that would be awesome. 

When it is working correctly you woudl go in , scroll down on all the links that you can collect, a few days back generally, then push your seconds to 20 secs or sometimes 15, start collecting and then you can walk away and do something else and it will just pile them up on auto, takes a long time though.

I have done this for 30 minutes and let the auto collect to its thing but when I went back into the page my coins are exactly the same amount what am I doing wrong?

I have been using this auto click for a few months but now it dosn't work the windows are opening up but the coins are not adding up.

It is not working-I double checked and no coins were being added. 

to do the auto collect, you have the choice as to how many seconds you want the window open, then you click on the auto then continually opens a window for the amount of seconds you wanted and it COLLECTS the coins for you....that is all you have to do....just sit and watch the windows open and close...BUT it is collecting any coins available

Each time it opens to Slotomania it is adding the coins. All you have to do is sit there and wait for it to collect all.  You can check if you write down your total coins and when you are done you will see how much was added.  So easy!!!

It doesn't work
It doesn't work
Thank you but that doesn't answer my question
At the bottom of this page I have all of the cheats and coins scroll to the bottom and just start clicking p

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