Slotomania Slot Machines Can Somebody Send me a Cheeta Chase Card Pls

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what's up slotomania players, there's only 12 days left till the albom expires, Soo does any one got a CHEETAH CHASE card if u got it add me and send me please. I will help you out back with any cards u need, THANKS VERY MUCH!!!!

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Nice thing

 i do but u have to add me 

Add me
If u have hot helmet add me
Need Josephine and horseshoe all I need I have lots of others to traid

can someone give me sally and beer muq

Has anybody got a spare Edward and Josephine  thanks from Marj

RobertMolnar  i added u


I need Horacio , Pablo ,Hippy Harry ,Dolphin , Yellow Tang .Thanks !

RandyHubbard for Washington, Kansas or .....? Please add me friend because i need some slotocard. Thanks !