Slotomania Slot Machines Cards I have to give/trade

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Clive x1

Wizard Hat x1

Boss's Brandy x2

Trixie Tiger x3

Puma Pete x2

King Neptune x1

Cleopatra x2

Candy King x2


Those are the 4 star or better that I have extras of.  Let me know if you need any...send me a message on FB if you add me.  I am really looking for a Moon Goddess card....please


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hello can you send me three cards,Moon huntress.Perseus.Dionysus, please

Help I need Lucky 7 and puma Pete


I have balloons, friend me

I need balloons and silver Lion or tiger or whatever it is. I have duplicates of every other card pretty much.
Hot helmet, josephine and edward??


I have cougar Clark will trade for puma Pete or lucky seven

just give me any of those card

I need the following cards, I have many to trade.

Lucky Seven

Puma Pete



I still need Edward and Josephine and gold
I would truely appreciate being able to trade for LAYER CAKE, JONES, Albert-Gold card, JESSICA, Clive-gold card, Turban, Top Hot-gold card, Cheers, Boss Brandy-gold card, WILD EYES, Freaky Fiona, Julie, Zalga-gold card, 4 of a kind, Cash Clover, Goldfish, Leapord Lex, Trixie Tiger, Brave Tiger, Artic Tiger-gold card, Queen of Hearts, Lelestia, Edward...... & a couple other gold cards... Those r the cards I need, for trade I have...