Slotomania Slot Machines Need a little help

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How do you get cards? I'm level 150+ and I don't have a single card. Could someone help me out please?

What is the most efficient way to get them and how do you know which ones your going to get?

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Please sloto cards arctic tiger gift
Please sloto cards arctic tiger
Good bye I uninstall luck to me..I so sad everyday playing no luck pay to me..every times I spand to play slotomania but no lucky to me..byeee my frend play slotomania..see u next time..can u give me chance big win tomorrow I still play my favorite sad me
Help me..what slot big win..give me choice to chance big coins

Having trouble finding free coins

Help me free coins and free spins
Need help getting coins
I lost 19 million trying to get the the end of the WILD... and I'd like to have it back please
Help me free coins..give me bigger win my jackpot..tq bos

im sorry to say you cant get cards anymore the card campaighn sadly ended if someone has one they can give them to you  (non gold) i have like 200 extras your wellcome to them sadly i dont have very many golds some but not many have a good day