Slotomania Slot Machines Need Cards??? I can Help

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Do you need help filling Books???? I have duplicates of about 80% of sloto cards and I am in need of 2 regular cards only. I need Perseus and Dionysus. I know what I am asking for are the most rare regular cards but hope that maybe somone out there has an extra. I am willing to help as many out as I can. Add me and let's trade. 

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I have cards to trade I need foofi and KEERE shan please help. Will trade any I have. I have most all but a few.
I have sheriff piggy and most cards to trade except a few. I need foofi and KEERE shan
I need foofi and KEERE shan

i nedd a card please   help

I need khafres cat and sheriff piggy

Help me help you lol I need some cards if I can help you to I will

I am desperate for a few cards, have 9/10 on a bunch. Just joined this forum. Where do I post my request? Someone please help!!!!! Please show me the way! I have over 100 duplicates! Here's what I need:

Boquet of Enchantment


Wolfman Willie

Regal Eagle

Double Sword

Casino Chips




I need khafre's cat

I need sherif piggy

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