Slotomania Slot Machines Rich kitty pretty please!

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The last card I need is rich kitty! Could someone help please! Dianaallentattoo on facebook I could use your help! I would greatly appreciate it  and if I could trade cards with you for the ones you need that would be swell! Thanks!

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i need to this card but is gold and cant be trade



Give me please


just like the 1star and 2star u can trade all but GOLD for now you have cards to turn in? check with me please first if you got something I need Ill give you other STARS that you can trade in for coin


mas dame mas

Hello all i am looking for cards from the first album can anyone help me out i have some card to trade, here is what i am looking for.

Mollie, Klaus, Hot helmet, fedora, Turban, Beer mug, Red margarita, Cosmopolitan, Moonlight, Ballons, Wild eyes, Lions Paw, Spell book, Freaky fiona, Julio, Gold fish, Church bell, Lucky seven, $ of a kind, Cash clover, Dark panther, Puma pete, Cheeta chase, Trixie tiger, King neptune, Cleopatra, Celestia, Edward, Josephine. Add me and let me know what you need or if you can help me out, Thanks


Anyone there?

I have been turning in to Slotomania for coins.


How is it possible to trade three star and above cards?