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I need the following Sloto cards.... Klaus in sloto band .....wendy and rachel in platinum blondes .....cassie and albert in puppy love. 

If anyone can please help me. I will trade whatever cards I can help u wiyh. Thanks

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me need zalga edward and josphine can some 1 help please thank u


PLEASE HELP I need king Midas and he is only tradable for 24hrs please help me out add me on Facebook
I need the Edward card. Please Help

I need: 

zalga, horseshoe, rich kitty,puma Pete, cheetah chase, Arctic tiger, silver lion,cleopatra, celestia, Josephine, King Midas, moon godess,




People why you asked about golden card?golden card its not to trade you now that.
Hello Mark.I have lot of card what you need.add me on fb send you few of them.
Hello everyone!!!someones can send me SilverLion gold card.its tradabled at the moment.please help me
hi Lucy!whats wrong with this game?I got level ending with 0 and have just doubled coins not ×12.whats up?

I have Mumford , do you have wizard of luck to trade?

- Candy King, Edward, Josephine, Moon Godess, King Midas