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I need the following slotto cards:  Car Chase, Lemon Punch, Tequila, Gold Fish and Lucky Seven. I can trade back most cards (Brend, Beer Mug, Cosmopolitan, Gorilla, Red Margareta Mollie, Pip and lots more.  Let me know what you need and I'll try to accomadate you

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Can anyone help me with Edward,Josephine,king midas,brave tiger,silver lion,zalga,golden wild,and boss brandy please

I need the following slotto cords: Hats off, slotto band, royal dreams, wild cats, golden luck, wild cards, and green monster 

I will gladly trade cards to anybody who wants them.

Do u have the golden wild
Does anyone have a extra horseshoe card. I have things I can trade

Anyone have Josephine PLEASE.. I hae many cards to trade. Thanks

Helloo i need 2 cards " Moonlight" and "Farmer Frank " ... Can someone help me?

i have all but not  limo addme on fb azwal chaudhary 

i need king midas,moon goddes,josephine.edward,clestia,puma pete ,cheetah chase, lagoon plz

hi guys i hv lemon treat cherry pie ice cream,bon bon,wynonna,firemab stan niles,cassandra ,samanth,sal,money fish,stingray,jelly fish,sea hourse ,furry fred,toto,hippy harry ,duke yolanda,bumper cars,.firemobile,car chase,coaster porsche.bobby jean,blosson rose hannah,love bug,catwich,thrash,klaus,witch hat,rez,hot helment,cheers,lucky star ,craig,mumford,cleopatra

add me my name is azwal  chaudhary on fb .. i need a few only i will send u five if u can send me five of the ones i need cheers guys 

i need king midas,moon goddes,josephine.edward,clestia,puma pete ,cheetah chase, lagoon plz

Could anyone help with hannah wizard hat or limo please ill give what i can
I'll helpyou. Maryann ? Requestme [email protected]