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Can anyone help with me trading Slotomania Card's? I  am still in need of Josephine, Moon Goddess, Arctic Tiger, Rich Kitty and Golden Wild I am willing willing to trade and I will also be willing to give extra cards thanks. Nikki Miller

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u can friend request me or find me on facebook or messenger at 13304282841

shanequekwaRowe i have all except an extra zalga i just got two more packs if its in there u can have it do u have an extra  moon goddess  artic tiger rich kitty any two of the three would be great 

i have both linda do u have josephine

i have both i eould trade for that golden wild

if anyone could help please

Hi do you have a spare Zalga, Trixie, Beer mug, Lucky Dog and Taco Loco ?

Lemon punch and shiny loot are the best 2 that I'm 1 away from. any help on those for that extra golden wild?

I've got an extra Golden Wild

yes i have both trixe and the taco

i have all extras of all my cards except the 5 i have yet to collect i will help any or all of you i have multiples to be able to help many people i just need Josephine, Moon Goddess, Artic Tiger, Rich Kitty, and Golden Wild let's help eachother get these Slotomania slot card's i don't know about you but I'm a little frustrated i enjoy this  game alot actually i really  like and play all of the Playtika games, but this is the only free game I  spent money buying the pig twice to get gold card's and didn't get them and bought the boost and mega bonanza just to try to get card's and played eight hours on that day that there was supposed to be card's you don't have i did ger 158 cards no new ones though,they could hepl others o quess.  And I  played the high stakes games for four hour's at 12 500,000 yrying to get them too nothing so hopefully my extras can help some of you and you could help me in this last day we have thank you good luck everyone  Nikki Miller