Slotomania Slot Machines 2 cards shy of full set need, Mr Right, and Big Bad Wolf

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I need Mr right and Big Bad Wolf.To complete 2nd album. And I have Perseus, Golden Lyre, Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Beast, Rain Kissfrost, Hot Cauldron, and many others to trade. If there is anyone out there could help me out

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Discuss 2 cards shy of full set need, Mr Right, and Big Bad Wolf


How can I get Mr. Right card from 2nd album?

cards sent


I have both but trouble is they are still classed as gold cards andare still not tradeable :( else I would be willing to send them to you

Hello kindly help to complete sloto cards. I need Perseus and golden lyre. I have big bad wolf to trade

Struggling to get into slotomania - I am sure I can assist for Mr. Right


I just need Mr. RIght please - have many 5 star cards to trade for it

Hello! Kindly help! I need golden lyre and Perseus card. I have big bad wolf to trade

I have Bratty Bat



I need the fang Wang please

i have most cards and need mr right, bratty bat and bingo card.

can any one help?

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