Slotomania Slot Machines 4 Slotocards needed, HUNDREDS to trade!!

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I am looking for Glass Shoe from "The Good Life" set, Tin Mau from "Oriental Magic" and Nectar of the Gods and Josephine and Joe from "Better Together."


I have over 2000 Slotocards total so I have multiples of most cards that I'd be willing to trade for any and all of the four cards listed above!! I will even trade 2-3 cards for a single one of the ones above, or 4-6 cards for 2 of the cards above etc. Message me on here or even better add me on FB and send me a message with what you need and hopefully we can help eachother out!

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Discuss 4 Slotocards needed, HUNDREDS to trade!!


i need tin man and grandma from previous albums (once upon a time)thanksss

i have tin mua do u have fortune frog 

How do we become friends on the app so we can trade cards 

Three of these cards are not tradeable.  I can send you the one that is.  I tried to us the "add me" link but it didn't work.  Add me and I'll send it.  [email protected].

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