Slotomania Slot Machines Card trade album 2 for album 1

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I need a bunch of cards from the first album and have tons of duplicates from second album to trade if anyone can help and needs help. Let me know what you need and I'll see what I can do. Thanks! 

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Discuss Card trade album 2 for album 1


i need help for Album 2 need flip flops Victor Vulture Little Red

I trade 1st and 3rd album cards for 2nd album cards
Did you ever get cards for album 1
I needon't scarecrow 2nd albump 2nd to last set please help I can trade 5 cards for scarecrow 3*+
I need most of album 1 and multiples of album 2 of all cards except a couple.
I have a lot of album 1 and interested in trading off.
Hallo. Tell me what you need! I have many cards erom the 1st album. Need dusty, regal eagle and slingshot (and more)from the second ... add me: a truud milano

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