Slotomania Slot Machines Cards to trade? How to link to friends!

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My top needs are The Shiny Lion, Vase of Valor, Richard Richingson and Mike Moneymaker.  I also need The Illusionist, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, The Great Grind and Golden Omen, please.   My extras are pictured on my facebook.

For those people that cannot get the link to work to add people, just type out their name on facebook and search for them.  Just be sure to add a space between first and last names. :-)

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Discuss Cards to trade? How to link to friends!


I want to send a card to a friend but I can't I can't get his name on the gift list in my gift box



My brother wants to send me cards, can someone please explain in detail how he can do this?  I have searched how and low and cant find the answer.  Thanks!

Го камне в друзя
Помоги мне. С картами ат весенние колекции
I have extra cards
Necesito solo 20 estrellas para la ruñeta

dorin marius dragoi am si eu nevoie va rog din suflet de aceste carduri Leul Shiny, Vaza Valor, Richard Richingson și Mike Moneymaker The Illusionist, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, The Great Grind și Omen Golden va rog din suflet

I have great grind.

I have all of those now, Brenda.  TY

I have fruity Fiona, the falconer, and Gary spinetti.

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