Slotomania Slot Machines Cards to trade. I have a ton of extras to give out!

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Here's the cards im looking for:

 Taco Loco, Chloe, Top hat,  Shiny Loot, Golden Wild, Zalga, Horseshoe, Edward, Josephine, Moon Goddess, Artic Tiger, Silver Lion, cougar clark, Brave Lion

Any help is appreciated if theres something you need let me know. I have a good amount of cards in my stash 

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Discuss Cards to trade. I have a ton of extras to give out!


I have two extra tacos

I have an extra taco if you can trade for a Jessica or Carrie. 

Can do

Can give you most of what you need

hi  help me please

send me  Edward,Artic Tiger, Zalga,Golden Wild


I need an horacio and a taco loco real bad
Hello I have all u need .do u have Edward? I will friend u so I can send u cards I wish we could send gold cards cause I need 5 more to complete my entire set

Just send them this way plz.

This is what I have and what I need-plz pm if you need something I have or something I need you havee.

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