Slotomania Slot Machines DAILY UPDATED 1/7 Sloto Cards Please help Got heaps to give away!!

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Willing to return any help w card trading got plenty to trade I am looking for pls help:

  • Cougar clark
  • Brave Tiger
  • Edward
  • Josephine
  • Top Hat (Non Tradeble Gold Card)
  • Wizard Hat (Non Tradeble Gold Card)
  • Boss Brandy (Non Tradeble Gold Card)
  • Bubbly on Ice (Non Tradeble Gold Card)
  • Shiny Loot (Non Tradeble Gold Card)
  • Golden Wild (Non Tradeble Gold Card)
  • Zalga (Non Tradeble Gold Card)
  • Horseshoe (Non Tradeble Gold Card)
  • Rich Kitty (Non Tradeble Gold Card)
  • Artic Tiger (Non Tradeble Gold Card)
  • Silver Lion (Non Tradeble Gold Card)
  • Moon Goddess (Non Tradeble Gold Card)
  • King Midas (Non Tradeble Gold Card)

Cards willing to trade:

Delicious Delights

  • Cherry on Top x3
  • Lemon Treat x5
  • Cherry Pie x5
  • Hot Cakes x6
  • Popsicle x5
  • Sundae x4
  • Snow Cone x7
  • Ice Cream x3
  • Bon Bon x5
  • Layer Cake x6

Work It Out

  • Wyonna x6
  • Fireman stan x6
  • Sally x4
  • Niles x2
  • Cassandra x4
  • Delivery Dan x7
  • Sammantha x4
  • Jones x4
  • Sal x6
  • Wizard of Luck x8

Go Fish

  • Angelfish x5
  • Cash Crab x5
  • Coin Shark x2
  • Money Fish x3
  • Stingray x5
  • Jelly Fish x4   
  • Spin Urchine x8  
  • Sea Horse x9
  • Dolphin x3
  • Yellow Tang x3

Puppy Love

  • Furry Fred x7
  • Cassie x1
  • Toto x3
  • Dancing Dog x2
  • Hippy Harry x2
  • Duke x10
  • Yolanda x5
  • The Pointer x9
  • Pablo x2
  • Albert x2 (Non Tradeble Gold Card)

Pedal to the Metal

  • Farmer Frank x3
  • Spooky Bus x3
  • Tractor x4
  • Bumper Cars x3
  • Firemobile x1
  • Love Ride x4
  • Car Chase x1
  • Coaster x3
  • LImo x5 (Non Tradeble Gold Card)

Platinum Blondes

  • Bobby Jean x4
  • Wendy x6
  • Blossom x6
  • Candy x3
  • Rose x8
  • Hannah x7
  • Rachel x1
  • Trixie x5
  • Jessica x2

Cooking Club

  • Frankie x2
  • Love Bug x4
  • Catwich x5
  • Butterball x7
  • Todays Catch x3
  • Pepperoni x2
  • Lucky Dog x1
  • Boom Burger x1
  • Taco Loco x1

Sloto Band

  • Glam Sam x8
  • Carlos x5
  • Tiago x5
  • Thrash x4
  • Juanita x2 
  • Horacio x3
  • Mollie x1
  • Klaus x1

Hats Off

  • Sombrero x1
  • Fez x4
  • Hot Helmet x4   
  • Sun Hat x3
  • Fedora x2
  • Voodoo Hat x1
  • Turban x2


  • Bernd x4
  • Lemon Punch x3
  • Beer mug x2
  • Tequilla x2
  • Red Margarita x2
  • Blue Lagoon x3
  • Cosmopolitan x1

Wild Cards

  • Hot Chilli x6
  • Good & Evil x3
  • Gorilla x4
  • Moonlight x1
  • Baloons x4
  • Wild Eyes x1
  • Lions Paw x5
  • Spell Book x1

Green Monsters


  • Aligator Al x1
  • Mumford x1
  • Vera x1
  • Zork x2
  • Freaky Fiona x3

Golden Luck

  • Luck Potion x5
  • Goldfish x7
  • Church Bells x3
  • Future Ball x1

Wild Cats

  • Leopard Lex x6
  • Bold Lioness x6
  • Dark Panther x1
  • Cheetah Chase x2
  • Trixie Tiger x1

Royal Dreams

  • King Arthur x2
  • Queen of Hearts x6

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Discuss DAILY UPDATED 1/7 Sloto Cards Please help Got heaps to give away!!


Hey could you send some my way. I used to have an old player name And the account got erased by mistake. I'm starting to finally get up there again but it never sends me cards anymore unless I beat the islands. Anythig is appreciated. Thanks

спрашивайте карты

plus I sent some royals


DanielDodson sent u Pepperoni, Aligator Al & some cats hope that helps. I am looking for anything in the above list or a Juilo

Looking for:

  • Pepperoni, taco loco
  • Klaus
  • Alligator AL, freaky Fiona
  • Lucky 7, 4 of a kind
  • Missing bottom half of the wild cats and most of royal dreams
  • I have lots of duplicates almost 3 of all lower level cards please help! With every card I get I will gift you and another stranger what I can 


Silver Lion plis

I can help u w Frankie & wild eyes check list again been updated today

i have 4 of a kind, Puma Pete, King Neptune.

i need Frankie and Wild Eyes. need others but they are not in your list

Can do that for horacio


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