Slotomania Slot Machines how to trade gold card

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I need gold card, can anyone tells me how to trade GOLDEN CARD?i have Lucy golden card, fang Wang to trade???can exchanged???

i need hot couldron 

and cherry mist 


pls help ...thank you 

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Discuss how to trade gold card


I HAVE THOUSANDS OF CARDS but do not know how to trade them


my facebook email is [email protected]


[email protected]



Plis gold cart
I need gold cards please thank you
I need class shoe to finish my album..btw it's a gold.. :(
I can't trade gold cards..

Any dragon egg pls

Any dragon egg pls

I need love bonus ,rocko and nectar of the gods gold cards, please i trade any card you need
I have golden ollie ox im trying to trade

I have how can I send you gold cards?

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