Slotomania Slot Machines I need 4 slotocards, add me to game, help!;)

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I needed 4 cards ! (Album Hold Yours Horses)

1. Spirit

2.Italian stallion


4.wooden horse


Please me add to slotomania. 

I have a ton of other cards and i will gift right away.  Thank you in advance!!  Have a good day.



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Discuss I need 4 slotocards, add me to game, help!;)


I need cards to new and don't know to get them

I need Perseus.. That's it lol I can send u whatever you want if u still need them lol friend me and we can trade.. 

I need:


Hawky Hal 1 star from Birds of a feather

Hero Boots 1 star from Made for Walking

Chick Lucy 1 star from We Love Lucy

Stiletto Lucy 1 star from We Love Lucy

Triple Sevens 2 stars from Casino Fever

King's Roars 1 star from Scattered 

Twinkly Wings 1 star from Creepy Critters 

Little Red 5 stars from Once Upon a Time


Have Wooden Horse and 20 others


I have these cards if still need them. Friend me skye

i need little red perseus dionysus moon huntress me name facebook it abars didigov add me okay


I can send you a couple you need

I can give you wooden horse

I have the cards you need. Im searching for a few cards my self add me on sloto we can trade
NEEDFairy dust- TinklebellMr nice guy - Mr RightOnce upon a time - Big Bad WolfTreasure of olympus - Medusa, Perseus, Zeus.Please help will be muchly appreciated and when i get extra cards will send you the extras i have cheers.
Hi I'm new to gamers club. I am looking for 2 cards desperately... I know they are h hard cards to get, but I do know their out there. So if ANYONE could find it in your heart to please help me with Moon Huntress and Dionysus for the last album, so I can finally complete it.... I would for ever be in your debt. I'm a daily gifter,player, and friend. If there is ever anything I can do to help, just ask in here for you. Thanks to All have a wonderful day and God Bless

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