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If you are in need of extra cards to finish your album I have over 7000 I might be able to help you out all I ask in return is that you repay me with gifts from SLOTOMANIA that's it. Just add me on Facebook and we'll get this going for you..Remember this album closes April 30, 2019.. 

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Hello, Can You Add me as a Friend, I Need Felix, If You know of a way to trade gold, I Need 2 from clan album. Let me know. Thank YouMary Suggitt
Hi plz i need some card can u help me
So sorry haven't been on here for a while if you still need some cards I might still have some available you can find me under my name or my Facebook email [email protected]
Grey wings
Please help me with power puma, Blizzard ore, and honey crystal, please?
No te puedo agregar. Link no sirve
i need Sand Surfer and Power Plant can u help me

i only need power puma and yeti's treasure. i give cards away all the time just to  be nice

Yes please,Mud bud, sand surfer, hidden oasis, tri scream, pirate parrot, leonardo, smirkat, power puma and frozen lightning.

Hey i need Grey wing and Sand Surfer? any help :)

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