Slotomania Slot Machines In desperate need of donation or trade please

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Im in need of several cards and in desperate need out if coins and need to get some ASAP if anybody at all could please help me it woukd be greatly appreciated!! Donations if possible would be amazing but I'm more then willing to trade for something you need if possible the cards I need are as follows...

Vicious vera

Mask of glory

Herbivore Herbert 

The granter

Cashira of Baghdad 

The illisionist

Mr and Mrs slick

The money makers

The goldspins 

Golden omen 

Railway to heaven


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Need mike moneymaker, illusionist Ferdinand Magellan pleeease? And thank you in advance
I need mike moneymaker from spring albume and/or today treasure and dragon dog from winter albume. Can anyone give it to me pls? I will repay with gifts and mistery packages in game. Thank you
Thanks Aaron Elam I would greatly appreciate it and I thought you could trade ace cards just not golden ones because I've sent an ace before but That would be awesome man I need all in that list herbivore Herbert will help me finish that set I could also use Texas bonfire, Richard richingson, Mike moneymaker, and safe of the south
Most of those cards are ace cards or gold cards and the app will not let you trade those, but I do have the five cards that are not gold cards or ace cards, if you need any of them let me know.
I can't find you o9n facebook Rebecca brewer and it won't let me click your profile link add me on facebook my profile pic is the exact same as on here just search Zach Grizzard
Add me and I'll see if I can help!
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