Slotomania Slot Machines Ladon tradable

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This could be your lucky day if you guys have doubles of 2nd albumand are looking for the Ladon card... I own manyLadon cards and welling to trade so contact me if interested 


for sime reason my post is to short and i need to type more in order to post this ...

is it just me or this is ridiculous 

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need help from 2nd album. I can share my extra with u also. Pls text me. 1st set, regal Eagle,2nd set Trottling trio,4nd set, squanto and geronimo,8th set, kings roar and desert sunset.
Please send me some coins! I love this game!

I need one star for Regal Eagle, trolling trio, king roar, desert sunset. Can u send me if u have extra. Tks

hi everyone i am looking for any cards from the first 4 sets of second album. these will not be used for the wheel. there alot of people needing them for there sets. i try and help them get the cards they need. thank u for any help.

is Ladon still tradable?


Lena Vaimann Melniscenko
U Mr right
Can s9me on help Mr Right and Gina have no cards need them two
I need a Ladon card, what would you need in return for one?
A Gypsy Gina card? That's all I need for the second set

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