Slotomania Slot Machines Level 1083. Lots of rares to Trade

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Here is my need list.
The Skydancer - Sky High
Debby Doomsey - Zombie Land
The Pathfinder, Herbivore Herbert - Australian All Stars
Silver/Golden Omen - Railroad Riches
The Gate - Arabian Nights



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Discuss Level 1083. Lots of rares to Trade


i need golden have herberd grind kanga bullh8rn crista bella help pleasse add me dinges is my name

Do you have the great grind to trade?

i have sky dancer, debby doomsey, pathfinder and the gate. i'll trade it for the great grind

My top needs are The Shiny Lion, Vase of Valor, Richard Richingson, Mike Moneymaker, The Falconer and Fruity Fiona.  I also need The Illusionist, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Gary "Goldie" Spinetti, The Great Grind and Golden Omen, please.

For those people that cannot get the link to work to add people, just type out their name on facebook and search for them.  Just be sure to add a space between first and last names. :-)

I have the gate, for Arabian nights

I don't know which cards you've found, but I have a lot of spares, and several that you're looking for.

I have: Skydancer; Debby Doomey; Pathfinder; Silver Omen; and The Gate.

I'd like to trade for one or some combination of the following: Hermit’s Hat. Felecia Firestone (Wishful Witches); Bonusienta Dias (Sloto Carnival); Great Grind (Railroad Riches); Richard Richingson. Mike Moneymaker (Texas Tycoon); Shiny Lion. Vase of Valor (Gold Collection); Frida & Flint. The Illusionists (Pros).

I'm also missing Golden Omen (Railroad) and Herbivore Herbert (Austrialian) if you happen to find any spares at some point in the future.

If you are interested in working something out, let me know.

I have The Gate. Looking for Debby Doomsey, Edison, Herbivore Herbert or The Great Grind.

I have Silver Omen for you. I'll send a friend request. Not sure how to do a friend request actually since the link doesn't work.

Trade only.


Hi, Can you help me with Pungo di Furia? Please..

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