Slotomania Slot Machines Looking for Red Rusher/Balthazer/Firecracker/Slicer....

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In need of these cards...if anyone could help that would be awesome. If I have any you need I would gladly give them to you.

Enchanted Engines - Red Rusher
Glorious Ghouls - Balthazar Boo
Lovely Locks - Samantha Styles/Wendy Winters
Pirate Treasure - Firecracker 
Super Spinners - Sloto Slicer
Old & The Beautiful - Chief Grey Coin/Sweet tooth 


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Discuss Looking for Red Rusher/Balthazer/Firecracker/Slicer....


I've got red rusher if u like,Samantha styles,an the rest I nd 2 get them myself as well,just friend me an they r yours,if u have xtras from EPIC ELEPHANTS:Maharaja & Goliath would b gr8....

Hi brendai have grun redhairsson and beach time if you still need it.

I have Lovely locks Styles and winters. Cards i have extras for every one you still need? i also have the REd rusher  and chief grey cion


Have you still got Battle of Nyphoria? If yes, can we link up via fb?

Hi Nicollette, I have all of them with the exception of Firecracker and Ed Sweet Tooth. Can you help me out please?

I don't have extras of those cards...sorry :(
I have red rusherI need beach time, battle of nyphori, grun redhairsson.

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