Slotomania Slot Machines Need a couple cards will trade!

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Looking for:

  • Pepperoni, taco loco
  • Klaus
  • Alligator AL, freaky Fiona
  • Lucky 7, 4 of a kind
  • Missing bottom half of the wild cats and most of royal dreams
  • I have lots of duplicates almost 3 of all lower level cards please help! With every card I get I will gift you and another stranger what I can 

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Discuss Need a couple cards will trade!


I have Pepperoni I can give you.I am looking for Cherry Pie, Bon Bon, and Layer Cake if you are able to help. Thanks.

I feel like an idiot, I logged in with an old Facebook account and told you guys the wrong cards. I'll remove this post and repost with correct account shortly! I'll be sending another friend request to those that sent me cards so that I may resend you cards...

I have all those ineed 1. puma pete 2.4 of a kind 3.edward and ......oh i cant remember the last oe i need rite now....but i got the 1's uneed


hi  help me send me  Edward,Artic Tiger, Zalga,Golden Wild

Looking for bubbly on ice golden wild rich kitty brave tiger silver lion king Midas plz any one help 

I have an extra cleopatra ,queen of hearts, and king arthur in royal dreams album.let me know if still needing them pk.thanks


i have freaky fiona and alligator al if u still need them let me know

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Ill trade alligator al, freaky fiona for a chloe, wizard hat, shiny loot
Accept my friend reqhest and I can send you some yku have a. Edwardby chance?

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