Slotomania Slot Machines Need a few cards...Have lots to trade

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I need the following:

From Oriental Magic:  Fortune Frog, Tin Mau and Jin Shizi  

From Better Together: Online lovers, Beyond Appearance, Nectar of the Gods (if it becomes tradable) Josephine and Joe, and Lucy and Max

From Spookie Stars: Wolfman Willie.

I have most all others to trade if you see something I need, just ask if I have something you could use!  Thanks a bunch!!


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Discuss Need a few cards...Have lots to trade


Thanks DanielSum!  I'm going to tell you the same thing I tell my y year About you be nice to your friends And if they don't understand your game you be patient and teach them.  There is no need to be nasty.  Next time maybe justSAY something like "hey guys, just a heads up but you can't trade gold or Ace cards."  Now would that be so hard? 

which album?

I have plenty of cards to trade with you. I need Su Minh or Wolf Man Wille.
I have quite a few of these if you have Rocko

pode me adicionar tenho varios para trocar 55-67-998306923

preciso dark light bonus,,bling bling,,rocko,,josephine e joe,lucy e max,,beyond appearance, alguem tem por favor para trocar?

I don't understand you guys...... How can you trade ACE Cards and GOLDEN cards can only be traded when Slotomania makes  one of the golden cards available to trade.

hi have you got beyonce appearance? add me to facebook i have some cards to trade

I can help with Jin Shizi, Online lovers, beyond appearance, and Lucy and Max. I'll send you a friend request!

Hello, I have Jin Shizi to trade.

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