Slotomania Slot Machines Need Cards from Spring and Summer 2018 Albums

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I have a lot of extra cards to swap. I need a few cards from the Summer 2018 album. The Great Beyond(Skyline Heights), Night Crawlers(Big Boy), Fortune Finders(Scale of Centuries), Museum Madness(The Explorer), Grim and Gruesome (The Immortal), and Cuddly Creepers ( Zom Bunny). I also need Gilded tree, fortune Flanders, The spinner, Sophie Catastrophe, and the party cake. And some from Spring album, I need Iceon, the granter, Mr. Spinshow, and Elizabeth Mccoin. 

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Hii I Iook for the slicer card in the grim and gruesome album. can you pkease help me with this.Thanks

Kameka, I have Scale of Centuries for you and Scott Mcluck if youre still looking for that one. Can you give me Bone society and Gorgeous Gaia for them. I requested an FB friend add. thx

 Hi guys I'm needing. To get coins to help me finish my golden summer album I need  the skyline heights (greatbeyond album) to finish, Donna Devine (drop dead album) ace) to finish, the golden paw (Nightcrawlers) to finish, pick axe of power, scales of justice and lucky lantern, happy horseshoe, fortune Flanders (fortune finder album) to finish, the exploration, the sea garden and th heroic hammer (museum madness) to finish. The slicer, the immortal (grimandgruesome) to finish. Blue eye Benton, son bunny, Sophie catastrophe (cuddlycreepers) to finish. Keyboard Kevin, party starter, surprize gift and party cake (party time) to finish. If anyone can help me get the cards for the name of cards  (albumname/summer) to help me complete please help. I will also post a comment on what cards I have doubled up to offer in your inbox if you can help with any of listed card please personal message me the names and I'll send u my list of spares. :) or even hunt down cards off my fellow friends and followers for you . Xxx 

Actually I have The Slicer, not sea Gardner
Add me by, Going to Facebook and typing my name in the search. The link on here doesnt work. I am easy to find.
I have both royal buy and party truck
I have the sea gardener

I have Royal Ruby and party truck, do you have any i need, i posted everything in my post

I need skyline Heights (The Great Beyond) , The explorer (Museum Madness) The sea gardener (Museum Madness)The Slicer (Grim& Gruesome) The Imortal (Grim&Gruesome) Willing to trade


I need blue-eye benton, big boy, gorgeous gaia.. making friend by facebook first....

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