Slotomania Slot Machines Need cards if anyone can help me

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If anyone has an extra kanga Kool in spring album. I'd greatly appreciate it!! :) Also if anyone has Edison and Edison bulb. I have a few extra cards as well if you'd like to trade. I could really use the helpĀ  also in summer album I need skyline and lullaby lake and volcano from great beyond

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Discuss Need cards if anyone can help me


Hey, I sent you kanga kool and Edison's bulb, I don't have Edison either it's the only 1 I need for that set. Would you by Chance have from spring album: slotoman the great(Arabian knights), from summer album: gorgeous gaia (drop dead diva), big boy (nightcrawlers), those are the only albums that I only sets that I only need 1 card to finish. I'm just trying to get some coins so I can play, I some how spent all mine playing yesterday, aND would really like to complete the snakes and ladders boards. :) I can also help you out with volcano island. I have like 5 extras.

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