Slotomania Slot Machines [Trade] Need slotomania cards please

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I need slotomania cards please,heidi hawk,sherriff badge,wild gem,hot cauldron,gypsy Gina,cherry mist,tinkerbell,my right,bruce,elijah,little red,big bad wolf,and Peter pan...I have duplicates of everything not listed please help I am out of coins.

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Discuss [Trade] Need slotomania cards please


looking for lil red somebody plz help 

could someone plz help me with little red sloto card plz i have other cards  to trade just not that one 


i need last sloto card littel red plzzzz

Give me gypsy gina

I need tinker bell and red riding hood there the cards I need how do you get them any idea how

Zeus pls

I need gypsy Gina, tinker Bell, Bruce, Peter pan, moon Hunter, Medusa and Zeus. Any body?
I need gyspy Gina gold card. Who want to trade with me
Add me
I got fang wang if anybody got gypsy or elijah card

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