Slotomania Slot Machines Need some cards for the winter album. Willing to trade what you need or highest stars I have.

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I need First Mans Fort & Fairytale Fort from Crazy Castles, Pizarro's pointer from Daring Discoveries, Woofy from The Cuties, the Big Dipper from Cirque du Sloto, Achilles Arrow and Glow of Acropolis from Masters of Mythology, LBF by bite and Heidi Hell from Sweet Devil's, Mac the mic, the Small Screen, Cinema Paradiso, and the Big Bullhorn from Hollywood dreams, Spin Wagon and Spin On from Peace & Love, Prince Passion and Don Amorito from Lucy's Merry Men. I am will to trade My duplicates that I have that you mY need or I'll give you the cards i have with the highest stars/and or I'll also give you a mystery gift everyday.

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Discuss Need some cards for the winter album. Willing to trade what you need or highest stars I have.


i neeed afishianado in the winter album. can you help me?

potrzzebuje woofy pomoze ktos 

I got one, need ann armegedon or the patriot

I've got a lot I just need Charles slotsteel from the winter album
I have some of those. Do you have any spares for pharoah, eagle?
i need cards
Friend me on Facebook, Jilly Bean. The pic is blank. I have a lot of what u need.

Hey... I have First man fort & Fairytale from crazy

pizarro's pointer from daring discoveries,

achilles arrow from master of mythology,

lbf by bite sweet devils,

the small screen, cinema paradiso from hollywood dreams

spin wagon from peace and love.


i'm looking for 

The jewel - tick tock

the wreck , 8 hand harry and gary goldfish - under the sea

slotingham stronghold - crazy castles

charles slotsteel - the round table

the big dipper = cirque du sloto..


add me on facebook


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