Slotomania Slot Machines *** PLEASE I NEED DARK LIGHT BONUS *** ( in bonus time )

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 *** PLEASE I NEED DARK LIGHT BONUS ***  ( in bonus time )

  Hi ,,,,   Some one can help me please with this card ???

I have many to trade too ,,,

so please add me on facebook . Thanks ,,,,,

See you on facebook ;)

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Discuss *** PLEASE I NEED DARK LIGHT BONUS *** ( in bonus time )


Find me on fb we can trade cards

Add me and maybe we can exchange sloto cards (sorry, autocorrect, slotocards), send each other gifts etc. Mark Durban [email protected] is my Facebook. Please add me, it sounds proper sad and stupid, but I'm trying 2 get friends on slotomania, I haven't got any yet and from 1st look at it, it should be fucking easy but doesn't seem 2 be. I don't know what's best, or more liable 2 be successful, but fuck it, here goes. U can txt me ur details and then I can search for and add u on Facebook and obviously therefore slotomania or u can email me at the address I use now which is [email protected]

pls me helpe Herbivore Herbert

cards please



I need Dark Light Bonus if anyone has one, this is all i need to complete my 3rd Album before it closes, I have many cards I can trade

I have dark light bonus but only need golden gust. Would you like to trade? If so, please friend me or whatever it takes. I've spent 38b chips trying to win stupid card now! Very frustrated!

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