Slotomania Slot Machines Prize time!! Ultimate prize golden gust, and the stringer!

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Hello everyone, after spinning and spinning and buying coin package after coin packages for months on end, I have 3 golden gusts now and 2 stringers, 2 Raz I will send them to 5 lucky poeple within the next 48 hours. You must send me 5 cards. Any card, I will be sending out the cards i receive to people who need them to keep the game fun! If you don't send your extra cards you don't get the rare cards you need it's simple. Add me, send the cards and pm me what card you needed and I will choose 5 lucky people to send them too! Love you all 

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Discuss Prize time!! Ultimate prize golden gust, and the stringer!


Ich brauch Ratz

So who won?


Hello everybody

i dont mean to be rude, but this looks like a SCAM!

you are asking people to semd you cards in advance of your "gift"?

I am new to this forum so yes i need a golden gust too  what do you need i have lot's of extra 

I need a golden gust and a stringers

I need a stringer

I would like to Get one golden dust

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