Slotomania Slot Machines Really need Edison card! The granter and saharah scriptures are also needed!

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 Hi!!!!!       Any help would be appreciated. I also have cards to swap..just found this site and didn't know you could trade like this!!


Like I said I have cards to swap with someone!!!



Thanks in advance!!!

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Discuss Really need Edison card! The granter and saharah scriptures are also needed!


If you still need Saharah Scriptures, I have several extras and can send it to you. Unfortunately, I don't have spares of Edison or the Granter, but if I do get one, I'll check back and see if you are still searching.

If you have any of the following or run across spares of any of the following, I could make a fair trade by sending a large number of stars or I'd be willing to repay the debt with some other rare card on a future album (Granted, trust is difficult, but I'm not petty enough to lie about a promise made over a cell phone game): Golden Omen; Richard Richinson; Mike Moneymaker; Shiny Lion; Vase of Valor; and the Illusionists.

That being said, if you are looking for any other specific Spring cards, I have spares of every card in Rowdy Rodents; Sky High; Wishful Witches; Zombie Land; and Dragon Tales. I also have a large number and variety of spares from the other albums, including:

Sloto Carnival- All except Bonusienta Dias

Great Minds- all except Edison

Australian All Stars- all except Herbivore Herbert

Railroad Riches- all except Great Grind & Golden Omen

Arabian Nights- All tradable cards (Gold cards aren't tradable)

La Familia- All tradable cards

Globetrotters- All tradable cards

Texas Tycoons- All except Richard Richinson & Mike Moneymaker

Gold Collection- All except Shiny Lion, Vase of Valor, & Shanghai Shine

Pros- All tradeable cards except Frida & Flint; Illusionists; & Mr. & Mrs. Slick.

i need cards


me please

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