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Hi everyone, I've a lot for trading, I need Bottle Popping, Go Team, Chicken Charlie, Bars of gold, Mr. Meowgi, Litheon, Golden Gust, Garden Bonus, Dark Light Bonus, Foofi, HardHitter, Keere Shan, Rocko, Treasure of Beijing, Fortune Frog, Online Lovers, Beyond Appearance

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hi i need online lover card and keere shan please i have all other card to give 

kann mir jemand bitte die keere shan karte schicke habe die Golden gust wenn sie jemand braucht danke

Huhu. Ich brauche Foofi. Kann mir einer bitte weiter helfen

I need Dark Light Bonus !

have cards to spare

Have TONS to spare except..... fortune frog----tin mau--- hardhitter----- keera shan --Dark light---- fearsome Franky and pink party. I also do not have spare bars of gold. So besides those I can pretty much help with all the others. Some only one spare, others I might have 3 or more. Let me know the top 2 or three that you need only! I will do what I can. Thanks if you have any of what I need, but I will help even if you can't. Remember gold cards and aces are not tradeable at this time..

I need cards off the second album topaz necklace and pirates ring, funshine, Kings roar.....I have most of those I’d be willing to trade

golden gust pleaseeeeeee


I need 

pink party

Gold medal

Sherriff piggy

One eyed joe

Mr Meowgi

I have spare

China chug

Charlie chicken

The skulls

The briefcase

Kuala cool

Gday postcard

Shanghai soarer


Thanks in advance

Hello, i need some cards from album 3:

No 346 Chekmate, No 468 Foofi,  No 487 Fortune Frog, No 488 Tin Man , No 449 Golden Gust


I have first half of your list.. I need  big bad wolf from second album 

   or gypsy gina .. also from second album.  Do you have either.  If so hmu 

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