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Okay my friends....I am still in need of a Herbivore Herbert! Is there ANYONE who can spare that card for me, PLEASE???  I sure would appreciate it! I just have yucky cards so I apologize I have nothing to trade. I just thought I'd get on here sgain and beg for a Herbivore Herbert card, please, please, please! Come on, it's just one card! :-) Thank you, thank you!!! Oh yea....and please! 

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I have extra Surviver Sam among others. Please message me and look at my needs:

I am looking for the following:

Smiling Dragon, in Spring, The Golden Collection

Spring Rail Road Riches Golden Omen,

Dragon Dog and The Eagle in Winter Golden Touch


I have several extra and can give if needed. I have never done it but have to start some day! I am on FB and can be contacted on IM, email.

Himayun Mirza on FB

[email protected]

I have survivor Sam.
V, just add me it'll be easier! :-)
Okay I'll add you, thanks!

I don't have your card but if you want to swap coins or other cards feel free to FB me...I am still looking for Survivor Sam (Lucy's merry men) and Gary Goldfish (Under the Sea) to finish my winter album

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