Slotomania Slot Machines TRADING CARDS hit me up

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DAILY PLAYER ask and i will add  looking to build game friends   Slotomania Slot Machines,  Caesars Slots,  House of Fun - Slots.  Vegas Downtown Slots  and  Hot Shot Casino Slots  


I have all of the rest except a few goLD    PLEASE HELP A GUY OUT  

 FEEL FREE TO FRIEND ME ON FACE BOOK  THIS is the ONLY way I know to share or trade

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Discuss TRADING CARDS hit me up


i want to trade my cards ......I have a lot

Happy ever after: the fancy felines & the first dance

Nightcrawlers : sunset sawyer, big boy, the golden paw

Fortune finders: happy horseshoe, fortune flanders

Museum madness: the explorer, the DEA garden, heroic hammer, the spinner

Grim & gruesome: treasure tomb, the slicer, the immortal


You could get millions off my timelime, I can add you to my two friends who collect my chips. You'd never run out. I play all the games and share all my chips from all of those games dail on my wall.  If we friend each other will I also be able to collect on your wall?

Will you be my casino chum

Hi. How do I add you as a player friend?

Ich brauche Little Red Moon Huntress Golden Touch Bitte Helft mir? 

I am looking for one slot card trotting trio any one can help me
Anyone willing to trade on slotomania add me. Just 11 cards to go! So frustrating
Please send horacio,voodoo hat,hot helmet thanks

Cards I need: Speedy Sneaks, Sheriff Badge, Celtic Hammer, Vegas Dice, My Old Banjo, Creepy Critters, Cha Ching.

Extras to trade: Twinkle  Toes, Heidi Hawk, Manoletinas, Trotting Trio, Stiletto Lucy, Geronimo.



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