Slotomania Slot Machines When you summon the MIGHTY GORILLA...

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The BEST game to play during those 5 minutes, that'll GIVE you the MOST WILDS than any other game, is hands down... THE RAIN FOREST KING!!!

*Try to start off with at least 500,000,000 coins

*If you bet anywhere between 10,000,000-25,000,000 for each spin...

*You should collect a minimum of 1B coins and depending on your luck, you'll probably total 2B-3B and possibly more.

Try it out for yourself and see what happens, I hope it works best for you as it does for me!



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Discuss When you summon the MIGHTY GORILLA...


I need the cards to finish this please

Bring it on the coins

Coins please

Karte 10
If you need cards to finish your album add me on Facebook..

Mine as well. I have a feeling the person that posted this understands the cap limit. Jokes on us. nlol

There is a cap limit. For me is 90milion max. It paid out before 5 minutes ran out

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