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Collect Slotomania Free Coins on Mobile

Tips & Tricks

Collect free coins on mobile without using the Slotomania App. The working alternative if your having trouble collecting coins on mobile.

  • Posted by mia21
  • 80,496
  • 132

Royal dreams cards

Tips & Tricks

I am looking for Edward and Josephine in royal dreams set.  I have some multiples to trade.  I also need other cards but these will complete the set and they

  • Posted by BradenCampbell
  • 1,981
  • 10

Looking for cards

Tips & Tricks

Hi I am looking for cards I need the Ice cream, Bon Bon, wynonna, sal, furry Fred, Hippy Harry, farmer frank, fire mobile, Bobby Jean, Wendy, rose, Jessica,

  • Posted by SabinaMountain
  • 2,898
  • 21

Need a little help

Tips & Tricks

How do you get cards? I'm level 150+ and I don't have a single card. Could someone help me out please?What is the most efficient way to get them and how

  • Posted by KyleDolan
  • 8,996
  • 48

Rich kitty pretty please!


The last card I need is rich kitty! Could someone help please! Dianaallentattoo on facebook I could use your help! I would greatly appreciate it  and if I

  • Posted by DianaAllen
  • 12,315
  • 29


News, Tips & Tricks, Guides

Hi guys, I really hope everyone is having a good day/night!REMINDER: Just TODAY, Rich Kitty (Golden Card) is tradable and is the last day to get Sloto Cards

  • Posted by MauricioRodrgue
  • 10,495
  • 32

Need a RICH KITTY.... I can help with lots of others if willing to trade

Cheats & Hacks

I have plenty of extras in mostly anything that can be given. Just need a Rich Kitty if anyone can help, please. Thank you. Willing to give up to the 5 limit

  • Posted by DavidBarker
  • 10,459
  • 57

someone please send me a rich kitty card please

News, Cheats & Hacks, Tips & Tricks

I need rich kitty card.  Its tradable  today please send it to me i will appreciate your help. And i can send you another card  that  you need its very

  • Posted by VladVRomanov
  • 8,298
  • 27

Slotocards lots to give only need 1

Cheats & Hacks

LOTS OF CARDS ONLY NEED ONEThe Horseshoei have duplicates of practically every card I can trade and give. Just looking for the horseshoe please?!please let me

  • Posted by KristinMcClain
  • 3,365
  • 32

King Midas PLEASE

Tips & Tricks

Hi Slotomania gamers, I hope everyone is very good.The sloto card King Midas can be traded now, just 2 hours left! So, come on! Ask to your friends now!By the

  • Posted by MauricioRodrgue
  • 1,378
  • 1