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Need slotomania cards please


I need slotomania cards please,heidi hawk,sherriff badge,wild gem,hot cauldron,gypsy Gina,cherry mist,tinkerbell,my right,bruce,elijah,little red,big bad

  • Posted by ElainaHoward
  • 1,021
  • 28

Need card


Please somebody trade benny blue card from birds of feather set? :) im ready to trade even higher value cardAlso need misty and italian stallion from horses

  • Posted by SabinaRudaka
  • 1,390
  • 9

looking for slotomania card


Anyone have a spare:Vegas Dice in casino feverHiking Boots,Lucky Heels in made for walkingalso if you need any cards that i have i can trade for random but l

  • Posted by SherrieArundel
  • 2,054
  • 30

Rich kitty pretty please!


The last card I need is rich kitty! Could someone help please! Dianaallentattoo on facebook I could use your help! I would greatly appreciate it  and if I

  • Posted by DianaAllen
  • 16,108
  • 40



Hi guys, I really hope everyone is having a good day/night!REMINDER: Just TODAY, Rich Kitty (Golden Card) is tradable and is the last day to get Sloto Cards

  • Posted by MauricioRodrgue
  • 13,295
  • 40

someone please send me a rich kitty card please


I need rich kitty card.  Its tradable  today please send it to me i will appreciate your help. And i can send you another card  that  you need its very

  • Posted by VladVRomanov
  • 8,470
  • 29

Help me sloto card


Can anyone help with trading? I  am in need of Silver Lion,2 Josephine, Edward and Cleopatra I have many card I am willing to trade ten or more cards for

  • Posted by BilalCoar
  • 3,060
  • 16

Trading Slotocards


Can anyone help with me trading Slotomania Card's? I  am still in need of Josephine, Moon Goddess, Arctic Tiger, Rich Kitty and Golden Wild I am

  • Posted by NikkiMiller
  • 2,713
  • 27

Silver lion


Good evening all. Does any of you have the Silver Lion to trade? I got some doubles you might be interested in. Already a big Thanks for you responses.    

  • Posted by KoenVandenBossc
  • 2,163
  • 6

Does anyone have zalga or golden wild?


Does anyone have zalga or golden wild. if you do and would like to trade it would be greatly appreciated. hoping someone will be able to help me out. Those 2

  • Posted by JoshWoods
  • 1,087
  • 15