Slotomania Slot Machines Slotocard duplicates of every card but Josephine

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ANY SLOTOCARD FOR JOSEPHINE CARD. I have minimum of 3 duplicates of every card but josephine, willing to give away all in exchange for josephine, thanks. I even have duplicates of the rare cards too but not sure if Im able to give them away or if slotomania will allow me too.

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Can anyone help me out with Chic Lucy please have plenty of duplicates to swap

Add me warren gallagher

what is josephine in


help card dionysus and perseys 


Hi, I just joined and need the following if you are able to help me:  Thank you in Advance.

Cooking Club- eggs &Ham

Sloto Band- Clive

Cheers-Boss’ Brandy

Wild Cards- Shiny Loot    

        Golden Wild

Green Monsters-Zalga

Golden Luck- 4-of-a King

        Cash Clover


        Rich Kitty

Wild Cats-Arctic Tiger

Royal Dreams-Candy King



        Moon Goddess

        King Midas

Do u still have josephine? I can trade with u
Can u add me in facebook? [email protected]. i need the card josephine..i can trade with u with other gold cards..

I need lots of cards do u still have some?