Slotomania Slot Machines Slotocard duplicates of every card but Josephine

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ANY SLOTOCARD FOR JOSEPHINE CARD. I have minimum of 3 duplicates of every card but josephine, willing to give away all in exchange for josephine, thanks. I even have duplicates of the rare cards too but not sure if Im able to give them away or if slotomania will allow me too.

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Hi All , pls add me and send me 2nd album CREEPY : Stinger. Got lots of duplicates cards to send


Hello. I need little red card. Please send me. Thanks.

anyone have Unicorn for hold your horses or Money Clip from casino fever and Twinkly wings from creepy critters will help or trade where able

I need
I need chic Lucy

And me?=]]



I have her:)

Can anyone help me out with Little Red please

Hi there, I need speedy sneaks card ..... Can you please help?